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Electro Mechanical Solutions is a precision sheet metal fabrication and machine shop located in in Odessa, Florida.  EMS is a family-owned business that began its operations  25 years ago as sheet metal shop and has now grown to serve the medical, aerospace, Semi-Conductor and defense industries. EMS specializes in complex CNC machining and precision sheet metal fabrication. Our contract services include; CNC turning & milling, laser cutting, sawing, forming, welding and quality inspection per your specification.


EMS is an ISO9001:2015 registered company that offers an unprecedented commitment to quality while ensuring our customers satisfaction is met.  Our strength is our employees who have the experience and willingness to do “what-ever” it takes for our customers. We strive to continuously improve our manufacturing processes so that we can deliver you a high-quality product while meeting your delivery schedule. Whether your part is small and complex or large and simple we have the capabilities to meet your demand.

CNC Machining
Precision Sheet Metal
Assembly and Integration
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MX - 520

5-Axis Vertical

Machining Center

This newest addition to our arsenal will help us machine the most intricate of parts for your needs in a fraction of the time. Some of the special features that come with the MX-520 are collision protection, spindle thermal displacement compensation, and tool and part setup support to ensure that we create what you envision in the most effective way.

1555 Gunn Hwy, Odessa, FL 33556, USA / / (813) 792-0400

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