CNC Machining


5th Axis Machining Center

This 5 axis machining center comes equipped with Maxia spindles and provides excellent operability by allowing rapid set-up and processing of complex parts which saves time, cost and operator error. 

Haas VF-6/40

Vertical Machining Center

This large 3ft X 16ft machining center has a 24 slot tool changer that is utilized for creating bigger parts and assemblies to your exact specifications.


Horizontal Multi Axis Turning Center

This horizontal turning center can compressively control various parts turning processes via a vertical 2-turret structure and 2 opposed Spindles.

Fadal VMC 4020A

4 Axis Machining Center

This machining center is equipped with a 4th axis that can eliminate the need for using multiple machines and setups significantly reducing time and error. 

Okuma Genos M560-V (4)

Vertical Machining Center's

This machining center's thermally stable construction allows it to repeatedly produce precision parts in small amounts of time with its easy to access tool assortment and rigidity.

Haas Lathe

Horizontal Turning Center

This high performance and precision turning center is ideal for high volume work loads and provides setup flexibility, extreme rigidity and high thermal stability

Sheet Metal

Cincinnati Proform

230 Ton X 12" Brake Press

This brake press with a ±.0004" ram repeatability and centerline loading confine to ensure the accuracy and precision of your parts that need to be formed.

Amada FO3015NT

4000 Watt Laser

This laser system comes with two beds making setup easier. With the additional EZ Cut system we can cut various materials and thickness with ease and precision.

Amada Pega 244

22 Ton Punch Press

This punch is equipped with a driven carriage & bed that allows for shorter run times.


Mitutyo CMM


Our CMM has the capabilities to measure almost any dimension on the most intricate of parts. It includes a feature that allows us to create a full inspection report with the click of a button.

Mitutoyo Profile Projector PH-3500

Profile Projector

The profile projector is a measuring machine that performs measurement, inspection and observation by projecting an image of a test workpiece on the stage onto a viewing screen.  It uses a non -contact measurement method.